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Robert Hēnnie
Founder / CEO

Short Bio

In 1999, Hēnnie began his journey at Fox Sports Net as an assistant floor manager, later transitioning to the role of show film editor, during this time he forged a strong bond with stage manager Paul (Puma) Nelson, absorbing invaluable work ethic. Shadowing Puma on The Jamie Foxx Show further refined Hēnnie's understanding of film production. Inspired by Puma's dedication, Hēnnie ventured into freelancing as an indie filmmaker at UMCA. Recognizing Hēnnie's creative mindset, UMCA’s President, Carl Washington, persuaded him to join the marketing team. In this capacity, he significantly contributed to crafting print ads and promotional videos for esteemed clients such as Ice Cube's "Barbershop" and HBO’s Black History Month campaign.

Motivated by Carl Washington’s vision, Hēnnie then launched Video Sports Resume (VSR), sports marketing that crafted a compelling video that played a pivotal role in facilitating Detroit Lions wide receiver Johnnie Morton's trade to the Kansas City Chiefs and securing a football scholarship to the University of Notre Dame for non-starter Long Beach Poly High School safety Freddie Parish IV. The success of VSR caught the attention of Sports Agent Grey Wichard, who enlisted their services to enhance the NFL draft prospects of his client, USC's Justin Fargas, leading to a notable elevation in Fargas's draft status. Over nearly a decade, Hēnnie's company continued to serve other Protect Management clients, including Terrell Suggs, Jason Tyler, and Deion Sanders, establishing itself as a prominent player in the sports marketing realm.

Later, Hēnnie's apprenticeship under Oscar-nominated cinematographer Jack Green laid the foundation for him to produce and direct the feature-length breast cancer documentary “Hidden Fight” and ultimately leading to the establishment of HENNIEVISION Enterprise in 2016, as CEO, Hēnnie now spearheads the growth and brand development of his company, building upon his wealth of experience in marketing and filmmaking.

Alice Neuhauser

As the COO of HVENT Multimedia, Alice Neuhauser co-spearhead operational strategy, business affairs, and finance across all HVENT's enterprises. Previously, Mrs. Neuhauser arranged and supervised multimillion-dollar budgets for Hollywood motion pictures, Negotiated and managed various asset sales totaling approximately $100 million, and supervised all financial and corporate management of a multi-divisional company for its overseas investors. Leveraging her expertise in entertainment finance, corporate establishment, and strategic planning, Neuhauser significantly contributes to HVENT’s ongoing success. 

Puma Nelson

Chief Operating Officer


As the COO of HVENT Multimedia, Puma Nelson closely collaborates with Hēnnie to ensure the company operates with maximum efficiency, in line with its mission of producing thought-provoking content that benefits HVENT, its clients, and brand partnerships. With a background overseeing productions for hit shows like The Jamie Foxx Show and My Wife and Kids, as well as prominent programs on the NFL Network, Mr. Nelson's expertise is crucial in executing high-quality promotional advertising content for HVENT. His extensive experience in directing top-rated Hollywood shows underscores his pivotal role in bringing HVENT films and promotional materials to life.


Harvest Smith

Chief Marketing Officer

As the CMO of HVENT Multimedia, Harvest Smith co-spearhead organizational marketing objectives, develops marketing strategies and supervises marketing activities encompassing HVENT’s advertising, branding, and public relations. Transitioning from a career in professional basketball, Mr. Smith ventured into roles within the marketing and sales divisions of ASICS, later assuming the role of Vice President of sales and marketing for the TV Distribution group at NBC Universal. His impactful contributions in this capacity earned him recognition as one of the most influential black men in cable. Leveraging his extensive experience, Smith plays a pivotal role in fostering the growth of HVENT’s brand.

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