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Plot Summary

Three women’s lives drastically changed after being diagnosed with breast cancer. As their medical team readies them for the physical process of removing the deadly disease, they are unprepared for the anxiety and stress that will impact their lives. Director Robert Hēnnie follows the three newly diagnosed patients — Cynthia, Abby, and Grace, as they undergo treatment. As director Hēnnie captures their therapy, he interviews them about the process. They display raw emotions created by the difficulty it's having on their families because the medicine and surgeries are altering their appearance and mobility. He realizes they are in two fights. However, the emotional battle is testing the limits of their personal lives. 


Surviving is one battle. The emotional side is the other.


Genres: Documentary, Drama

Story by: Robert Hēnnie

Director: Robert Hēnnie 

Language Spoken: English

Runtime 1hr 32 minutes

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